Vzor: updated version

Vzor 2

Updated version of "Vzor" optical orientation device, test render.

I’ve analyzed photographic data of “Vostok-1” spacecraft several more times and decided that “Vzor” device was without protractor markings unlike it’s older versions. I reworked model of device to appropriate look. Along with front ring changes I deduced and updated on the model optical system of mirrors. Also improved overall quality of the model.

Vzor in Russian “Взор” means “gaze” – the name of this device in technical documentation.“Vzor” is not only a porthole, but also optical assistance device of spacecraft orientation for retroburn needed for deorbiting of spacecraft. There is two circular mirrors allowing to see horizon line in continuous circle when optical axis of the device pointing towards the Earth’s center. To orient retroburn engine in direction opposite to movement of the spacecraft cosmonaut needed to align movement of visible in “V zor” window Earth’s surface along arrows on front glass of the device.

Old version of "Vzor" model.

There is "Vzor" device with protractor, which only appeared in older versions of Vostok and Voskhod spacecraft.

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