Extensive improvements of the “Vostok” spacecraft models

Early version of Yuri Gagarin 3d model

Early version of Yuri Gagarin 3d model, to be improved.

A lot of my ideas about composition and purpose of several parts of the “Vostok” spacecraft was incorrect. In earlier times I also were discovering inaccuracies and correcting them. However this time I’ll rework a lot.

I’ve got data about the spacecraft of unprecedented detail from Amy Kyra Collins, a long time cosmonautics researcher and historian (specialty 1960’s cosmnautics), who lives in Colorado, USA has prepared a website detailing rarely known aspects about the Spacecraft “Vostok” at vostoksupersite.weebly.com.

In close future I’ll rework the spacecraft cabin illumination system. Food heating device is to be remodeled. Regarding new data the magnitophone (magnetic wire recorder) model would be made. I’ve also planed changes to the spaceship’s thermal shielding look. Amy Collins helped me with most of related questions I previously have unanswered. Aside from seat model and 3d portrait of Yuri Gagarin himself extensive reworkings of the Instrumental compartment (Приборный отсек) look are coming soon.

I wish to thank Amy Collins for providing detailed information about “Vostok” spacecraft. Due to her help the project became more animated and my work is more intensive now.

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