Food cabinet

Food cabinet test render.

The food cabinet model is ready. Small details are normal map based. Normal map were generated from elevation map using NVIDIA Normal Map filter for Adobe Photoshop.

Elevation map is an inverted depth map of some temporary geometry (rivets and “X”-things), or it is possible to paint depth map by hand in Photoshop. Anyway elevation map were further elaborated in Photoshop prior to applying Normal Map filter.

Eating food was part of Yuri Gagarin space flight plan.

“I felt neither hunger nor thirst during the flight. But according to given program at a particular time I ate food and drank water from a special water system. “

“Дорога в космос” (The Road to Space) book by Yuri Gagarin.

I’ll try to include this scene into my animation movie, but there is no promise yet.

Mouthpiece of water supply system of "Vostok-1" spaceship.

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