Coming reworking of ejection seat model

There is some job to do to improve ejection seat model. Earlier version of this part is done in a hurry and in conditions of information overflow. If working on such project one isn’t fast enough he doomed to die of an old age before project completion.
It turns out that second parachute of cosmonaut is situated undercosmonaut’s back behind hard part of parachute back pack which is to separate from seat with cosmonaut. Main parachute is situated in upper section of seat. The portable supply pack is situated under cosmonaut’s sitting and also goes with cosmonaut when one is separated from ejection seat. Therefore sitting part is a foam rubber thing to make it comfortable to seat on portable supply. These elements is to be added in coming revision of ejection seat model. I’ll describe ejection seat structure soon after completion of improved version of it’s model.

Old version of ejection seat model

Old version of ejection seat model.

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