The first post: work in progress.

Work in progress on interior of "Vostok-1" Spaceship, april 16 '2012, Lightwave 3D screenshot.

One more day passed away too qickly. Work towards improvement of brand new look of “Vostok-1” spaceship’s interior goes on. Fabric surfaces was completely reworked. A lot of relief elements added in accordance with documentary photos.

Big deal of hard surface elements was also reworked: food closet, boxes around second telecam, transmitting key. New features added: two mysterious switches under orientation control handle, mouthpiece for supply of drinking water and some electrical apparatus below “Vzor” window.

In the nearest future I’m going to model electrical wiring, connectors and sensors. I`ll add some missing elements of fabric surface, and may be will put some other finishing touches. And then I’ll proceed to texturing and surfacing activity, about which I intend to report here extensively.

Soon I’ll be writing here about historical and technical details of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight I discovered for myself during my work on this project. Also I intend to tell my story about why and how I do this, about the work was done and work to be done, and may be something about myself in this context.

Old version of interior of the "Vostok-1" spaceship, rendered with Lightwave 3D.

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