Extensive improvements of the “Vostok” spacecraft models

Early version of Yuri Gagarin 3d model

Early version of Yuri Gagarin 3d model, to be improved.

A lot of my ideas about composition and purpose of several parts of the “Vostok” spacecraft was incorrect. In earlier times I also were discovering inaccuracies and correcting them. However this time I’ll rework a lot. Continue reading

New edition of the radio reciever model

Test render of the radio reciever model of Vostok spacecraft.

I’ve updated model of the radio. I’ll try to describe this device later, cause I’m in tight scedule finishing the spacecraft interior model.
See textured wireframe →

Coming reworking of ejection seat model

There is some job to do to improve ejection seat model. Earlier version of this part is done in a hurry and in conditions of information overflow. If working on such project one isn’t fast enough he doomed to die of an old age before project completion.
It turns out that second parachute of cosmonaut is situated under Continue reading